Assist. Prof. Dr. Dana Khidher Mawlood
Head of Department

College of Engineering :: Civil Engineering

General Specialization :: Civil Engineering

Specific Specialization :: Water and Environment Resources

1990 – 1995                 Salahaddin University         Erbil, Iraq

                                Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering

1997 – 2000                Vienna University of Technology       Vienna, Austria

                                        Dipl.-Ing. (MSc of civil Engineering: Water and Environmental Engineering)

                                        Master Thesis: Solar Desalination of Sea Water

2000 – 2003                 Vienna University of Technology       Vienna, Austria

                                        Doctor of Technic Science (Civil Engineering)

   Doctoral Thesis: Application of Isotope Hydrology Studies Considering the Specific Climate, Hydrological and Geological Conditions in order to research underground water resources   in a specific area in the near east.



I born in Erbil and spent my education in Austria (Vienna), the county in which I got my (BSc, MSc), DI  and PhD (2003). Beside my scientific education, I learned the human right and democracy and the way to thing freely, as this is the only way to implement change and discover things.   

Water resource and environmental engineering has been a part of my personal journey that began years ago when I was a young boy with a love of research and unconventional things.

Research and real university are companions along the journey of learning, and I hope through my simple publications the ability of own exploration of the field of water resources.  

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